Matthew accepts both contingent fee and hourly cases for trials and appeals.  He also represents employees before administrative agencies and offers consultations.

The decision whether to accept a case and what fee structure to offer—whether hourly or contingent—depends on the individual circumstances in each case and is made on a case by case basis.  When representation is agreed upon, a formal retainer agreement will be provided setting forth the charges for legal services and the client’s responsibility for costs.


Individual Consultations

If you need advice about a legal problem, wish to have a non-competition, non-disclosure or severance agreement reviewed, need help in going through the BOLI, EEOC, HUD or Unemployment administrative processes, please contact us for an individual consultation.  Matthew does initial individual consultations on a reasonable flat fee or hourly basis.

If you wish for an individual consultation or if you are looking for legal representation in potential litigation, feel free to call us at (503) 226-0072 for an initial consultation.